Luke & Kelsey: Anniversary Shoot

On a beautiful Spring day, we had the privilege to meet up with Luke and Kelsey at Knox Farms, to photograph them for their 3rd wedding anniversary. After a rough start to Spring here in Buffalo, we were so thankful to have the most perfect weather you could want.

We started in the shade of this beautiful red dairy barn.

You could not buy this kind of chemistry. Absolutely beautiful together.

At the risk of sounding redundant, how good do these two look? We love these shots.

You two belong on a cover of a magazine! Wow!

We ended our shoot with a slow stroll along this lovely trail. Honestly, we couldn't have asked for a better shoot.

Luke and Kelsey, we had a great time with the two of you. It is so refreshing to be with two people who love each other so much, it shows in every photograph. We wish you many more years of happiness - and hope to catch you on a future anniversary! :)

"The Jessies" Engagement Session

As the end of 2012 rolled around, we found ourselves headed West to Chicago for an engagement shoot with Jessica and Jesse--known in their circles as "The Jessies". They have a pretty cool story, having met at a party of mutual friends. They saw each other, later exchanged numbers, and hit it off. A year later, they were engaged.

We were thrilled to meet and shoot with them around metro Chicago. We started our shoot just outside Jesse's place at a mural you could only hope to find in a place like Chi-town.

Jesse really enjoys Jessica's personality. "She's cheerful, positive....nice. Not standoffish...a real genuine down-to-earth person." And you can sense her love and respect for him, and the security she has in his presence--truly refreshing.Jesse told us the story of how he proposed. It was very important to him to have both sets of parents around when he would pop the question, but when the day arrived, he was so sick he wasn't sure he could go through with it. But his determination paid off, and with all parents present, he asked her. And she of course said yes!

So don't be fooled by all that sunshine - it was December in Chicago! So we all agreed it would be in our best interest to get something hot to drink (and eat). Jesse being a native Chicagoan was very well educated on the best eats. He suggested Simone's, and we were not disappointed. Also turned out to be a cool environment for a few intimate shots.

After we warmed up, we headed back outside toward the Chicago waterfront. The Jessies were very brave for this shoot. They hardly look as cold as they really were...

This shoot wouldn't be complete without visiting a few places that really say "Chicago" - such as Millennium Park.

We called it a night, and picked up our shoot the next day, at yet another Chicago landmark, Union Station.

Jessica and Jesse showed us a few moves atop the staircase, giving us a taste of how much fun they have together.

After a brisk walk at dusk, we found a brief indoor escape inside the lobby of Chicago Theatre. Don't these two look like stars?

One last shot with the Chicago Sun-Times Building as the backdrop, and we promised we would wrap it up outdoors and head back to Jesse's loft for our final location of this shoot.

With the lighting and candles in place, the atmosphere was perfect.

Jess & Jess, we had a great time with the two of you. We can't wait to continue the story on your Big Day! Congratulations!

Tommy & Mel: The Wedding

After a fabulous engagement session with Mel & Tommy, we couldn't wait to see how they would top all that sophistication. Well they did not disappoint! The wedding day was the perfect blend of laughter, love, fun, fashion, and excitement! Like a high-energy rollercoaster...OK, you get the gist.

We started the day with Tommy and his groomsmen getting ready at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Buffalo, NY, as they kept their eye on the football game, of course...

Next, we were off to catch up with the bride and her ladies a few floors down.

After the "final" final touches, Mel was ready to get in her dress. It was so great that her mom - in a coordinating shade of green - was there and ready to zip her up, as her bridesmaids looked on with excitement.Work it, Mel!Before heading to the ceremony, we stopped at Pearl Street Grill to get a glimpse of the reception venue, which looked almost as good as the bridal party - very close second! :)

At the ceremony, Tommy saw his beautiful bride for the first time that day.

Looks like all Tommy's nervousness vanished after the vows...Tommy, are you giving somebody a pound?

Since the reception was downtown, we headed that direction, stopping at Main Street first near Shea's. Someone even screamed out 'congratulations' from the train passing by.

One serious shot...OK, now one silly!LOVE the socks, guys!Next, we headed to Canalside to get a few more shots before heading to the reception.

Now on to the party on the 4th floor...

From the time they entered the door, Mel and Tommy were ready to get their dance on!Ever seen a bridal party enjoy dinner music so much?

After Mel and Tommy cut the cake and had their first dance, it was all about the mamas. Tommy danced with his mom, and Mel danced with hers. Not a dry eye in the place when that was over.

Did we mention this party was all about the dancing - compliments of DJ LoPro!

Oh yes, if there was one priority for Mel and Tommy that night, it was definitely to DANCE. At some point we asked about a few more shots and were quickly shot down in favor of the DJ. And we can't blame them - he was jamming so hard we were tempted to put down the camera and just dance ourselves...

Mel even changed into her party dress so she could get her groove on, and Tommy...well all he needed was to take off his jacket and he was READY!Mel and Tommy, congratulations on your wedding day! We hope the beat plays on for you two forever!


ArtSpace Glam-Fashion Collaborative

And now, the long-awaited unveiling... We had a tough time deciding which images to load for this blog, since all the girls shot so well. But we managed to narrow it down to these images.

We had a great time working with Shondra (thanks for the art direction), Teresa (fabulous job on the makeup), Gina (for your help to make it all come together)...and we couldn't have done so well without our intern Jamie (awesome catch lights!!). Thanks to all our models - Gina, Shondra, Melonie, Tai, Nicolle, Brit, and Santana. You were fabulous and made our job so easy!

Check out more photos from this shoot on Flickr...and as always, feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Now, off to Dominican Republic - stay tuned! :)