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Jesse & Jessica: "The Jessies" Wedding

After spending the cold winter months indoors photographing the cutest little baby girls, the time had finally come for our first wedding of the season, Jessica and Jesse, otherwise known as "The Jessies." On this Spring day, we found ourselves heading south - way south - to Florence, Kentucky--home of the bride to be.

Here we found the Jessica, relaxed and in cool anticipation of how the day would turn out. Her bridesmaids got her a couple gifts to make sure there was no mistaking what this day was all about--The Bride!

Jesse had a gift for his bride as well, that lovely Pandora bracelet. Good choice, Jesse!

Soon after final touches were complete for the makeup, Jessica slipped into her dress. Her sister and mom helped with the jewelry, while her matron of honor made sure her veil was placed just right.

We had such a hard time narrowing down our favorite shots of Jessica here, we decided to stop trying! What a gorgeous bride!

Next, a quick shot of Jessica's sister and nephew. Cute, huh?

And now, the ladies - silly faces followed by foxy ones.

Finally everyone in the house was off to the ceremony. But not before a couple of shots from the neighbors. (In the off chance it was a secret that Jessica was getting married that day, the stretch Hummer kinda gave it away...)

Meanwhile, the groom was calm and collected, getting ready to meet his bride to be. Jesse was all smiles as he buttoned up his vest. Jesse, you clean up well :)

Here at the ceremony, everyone waited in anticipation for the bride. She was all smiles, escorted by her proud father.

All the parents looking on here with approval - Jessica's father giving his daughter away while Jesse's parents record every moment of the event!

After exchanging vows and kisses, it was time to head to the reception - but not before stopping to get a few shots of the bride and groom as the Cincinnati skyline stretched out behind them.

This bridal party was definitely ready for some fun shots!

At last, we reached the reception at the Newport Aquarium, where the Riverside Room was all decked out in black and red.

After the entry of the bride and groom, all the guests looked on as The Jessies attended to their first joint task as husband and wife: cutting the cake! Then as the sun set, they had their first dance together.

It was very touching to watch Jesse look on as his bride danced with her father, and then as her mother joined them. Then Jesse took the lead dancing with his mom--so sweet to see her smile from ear to ear!

Next at the bride and groom's request, via the DJ, everyone was requested to head to the dance floor for a picture. This was really a clever tactic to get everyone on the dance floor as the music started. And it worked - the floor was packed from that moment after. Go Jesse!

It wouldn't be right to end the night without a quick shot in the aquarium. Love these pictures "under the sea"!

Jesse and Jessica braved the chilly dusk air to get this awesome skyline shot. And what better way to end our post. Jessies - we thank you for the invitation to Cincinnati and wish you the best as you start your new life together in Chicago!