Millennium Park / Grant Park / Lurie Garden

Keziah & Earon: Chicago Engagement Session

When Earon and Keziah first met, it was love at first sight. And though they tell the story from two different angles, one thing is for sure: these two are made for – and mad for -- each other. We met up with Earon and Keziah in Chicago, and were fortunate to dodge the raindrops from a thunderstorm that passed through earlier. We started our shoot with a stroll down South Michigan Avenue, near the Chicago Art Institute. Along the way, we asked if the two would dance. Dance? That's one of Keziah's favorite things! It was a matter of seconds before a stroll turned into a step. When we asked Earon and Keziah about their story, we had to pull up a chair. Keziah and Earon met back in Chicago as teenagers, when Earon’s family joined her congregation…and he liked what he saw right away. He says: “I would tell my dad, ‘Dad, did you see Keziah today? She looked GOOD! Dad, she's BAD!’ I would come up with little songs, insert Keziah's name on the way home. I thought it was cool, because her name would fit better in the song. I had a BIG crush on her.”

Keziah on the other hand played it off (she was mean to him, as Earon tells it). He says, “At the congregation, there would be three people, all talking in a circle, and Keziah would come in with her sexy self, talking to everyone else, and I’d be the next one, getting ready, getting butterflies, and she'd stop at the person right in front of me and LEAVE. I was like, is this rejection? This is what it feels like? Little did I know I would be marrying her.”

As she tells it, she avoided him to protect her feelings. “His sister-in-law told me, ‘He thinks you're cute!’ So now I REALLY can't talk to him.” When he moved away, she wrote it off as a loss... "We were both young, with things we wanted to do. I would always think about him though; we would keep in touch.” It wasn't until last year that they started talking seriously, and they haven’t stopped since. He says, “I called, and we ended up talking for four hours. It was like we were best friends, it just flowed. We laughed, we joked, we caught up about old friends, you would have thought we had been best friends growing up together, even though we never talked when we were younger…”

Earon says he would meet girls from all around the world, different countries, different continents. But when he talked to Keziah, he says, “I had never talked to anyone and hit it off like that. Never with any other person. No other person could hold a candle. It clicked!” She says: “Talking with him, I feel like myself, like I can conquer the world! I can be me! And we laugh together. I feel really comfortable with him.”

It definitely shows! We next headed over to Millennium Park, after first stopping for a few shots in Lurie Garden. At the time Earon proposed, he was living in New York, and Keziah in Chicago. When he decided to propose, he did it at a time when she just knew he wouldn’t be popping in to town. He made a documentary video and had it delivered to her. Meanwhile, he drove out right after work, on the road Friday at 5:30 PM.

“I get to Chicago Saturday morning. I went to the store, bought a gift bag, her two favorite candies, and a note. Her mom, dad, little sis, Grandma are all at the house. Keziah is on her way home from work. When she gets home, her dad gives her an envelope, a three page love letter (she reads the whole thing), and the video. As the family is watching, little sis is keeping us abreast play-by-play…At the end of the video, I say, There's only one question I can ask this person that would draw us even closer....’ THE END!”

The movie ends, the doorbell rings, and Keziah answers it, seeing the gift bag Earon had just left there with her name on it. When Earon proposed, Keziah was truly surprised. She says: “It couldn't be him, he was out of vacation days! I knew for sure--you can't come here and propose to me, because you're out of days!! No! I have to get my ring in NY!”

He says: “I'm telling her I don't have any days, just to try to cover everything. She doesn't know what, but something is up. On the inside a note says, come to the back. When she comes to the back...”

She says: “Well I'm already crying, in my mind I'm like, no...? Maybe? I have an idea, but, when you want something so bad, you don't want to think this is it, because you don't want to be let down. I open the blinds, I see him with the rose petals…He's standing there smiling, I was in shock! He had to come open the door...”

He says: “I had to open the door and pull her out; she wouldn't say anything. I remember I told her, 'The first time I saw you I got this feeling in my stomach, and I'll never forget, like you're about to get on a roller coaster. That's the feeling I got whenever I saw you. When I first saw you when you opened those blinds, I had that same feeling in my stomach. Allow me to have this feeling forever!' That's when I proposed.”

Beautiful! After stopping in a nearby coffee shop for a quick wardrobe change, Keziah and Earon were dressed to impress as we headed out for some night shots in downtown Chicago -- starting with this one on Michigan Avenue. While downtown, we just kept seeing more unexpected photo ops! This time Keziah and Earon posed it up in front of a killer revolving door. They nailed the shot, and instantly broke out into celebratory dance. Keziah's dad kept telling us about this awesome spot along the river that we just had to see. Well, he was right. The fountains at Chicago River Esplanade/DuSable Founder's Way were a spectacular place to show off this young love. And just when we thought we could shoot no more, we were crossing Michigan Avenue again, and stopped in our tracks for these city lights. After the final last shot (for real this time), Keziah and Earon gave their approving nod -- really though, it's all YOU TWO!! Keziah, Earon - we had a great time traversing downtown Chicago with you two. You are one of the most fun-loving, energetic couples we have met, and can't wait for your wedding day this Fall! Congratulations and see you soon!