Buffalo NY

Luke & Kelsey: Anniversary Shoot

On a beautiful Spring day, we had the privilege to meet up with Luke and Kelsey at Knox Farms, to photograph them for their 3rd wedding anniversary. After a rough start to Spring here in Buffalo, we were so thankful to have the most perfect weather you could want.

We started in the shade of this beautiful red dairy barn.

You could not buy this kind of chemistry. Absolutely beautiful together.

At the risk of sounding redundant, how good do these two look? We love these shots.

You two belong on a cover of a magazine! Wow!

We ended our shoot with a slow stroll along this lovely trail. Honestly, we couldn't have asked for a better shoot.

Luke and Kelsey, we had a great time with the two of you. It is so refreshing to be with two people who love each other so much, it shows in every photograph. We wish you many more years of happiness - and hope to catch you on a future anniversary! :)

Josh & Lilly: The Wedding

We were so happy to pick up the story for Joshua and Elianne, affectionately known as Josh and Lilly, on the December day they would exchange vows in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Friends and family traveled from near and far to witness the event, and it would prove to be a beautiful one.

We started the day as we often do with the groomsmen, huddled casually waiting for their cues. Josh was in his glory that day, and dressed sharply down to the handmade ties, custom cuff-links and embroidered shirt. Wow Josh, we're impressed!

After that last GQ Cadillac shot, we parted company with the gentlemen and went to meet the bride at her home where she and her ladies were getting ready.

It was all-hands-on-deck for Lilly, as her entourage made sure she was looking perfect.

Lilly took a moment to pose with her ring-bearer. This handsome little guy seemed overwhelmed with all the perfume, makeup, and beautification going on at the house, but Tim managed to get him to smile for a brief moment.

With hair and makeup now perfect, it was time for Lilly to slip into her dress and jewelry, with a little help from her matron of honor.

One approving kiss from mom, and she was on her way!

We took this shot of Lilly before she headed into Lehigh University's Linderman Library to see her groom for the first time that day. The library made a nice escape from the rain as well as a beautiful back drop for the bride and groom's first looks.

Josh had been patiently awaiting the arrival of his bride for a while, so he was overcome with happiness to finally see her walk in.

We have to say, while we have photographed lots of couples with dimples, this was the first time we had experienced "double-dimples" - both the bride and groom. On this day, and especially at this moment, the dimples were on full display!


After this last shot with the bridal party at the library, the rain broke just long enough to head across campus for a few more photos. Lilly had her company of men to help her cross without her dress touching the ground for a second. Nice escort!

The captivating beauty of the Alumni Memorial Building was made only more stunning by this handsome couple. 

As we mentioned on their E-Session blog post, these two really enjoy each other's humor. We have no idea what was so funny at this moment, but absolutely love their laughter!

We have to say that Lilly was just stunning this day from head to toe!
The guys had their moments of swag and chill...while the ladies look sweet as can be.

Finally we were off to the ceremony. Lilly was escorted down the aisle by her mother and brother as the audience was all grins.

The wedding officiant's touching discourse brought out the laughter in Josh and Lilly while the vows moved them to tears (happy ones of course).

After the exchange of rings, the officiant asked Josh to hold up his hand and show off that ring. "That has to be one of the biggest rings I've ever seen!" He expressed how much Lilly must want the whole world to know that she is proud to have Josh as her man. We can understand that--after all, he is a really good guy.

Once Josh and Lilly had thoroughly checked that everything was official, we took a few family portraits. You could see just how proud and happy their families were on this day. 

One more portrait of the bride and we were off to the ceremony.

Josh and Lilly made their entrance at The Eastonian in grand fashion and celebrated immediately with, not one, but two dances.

Next it was time for Josh to dance with his mother, who we know could not be more proud of her son.

And now, time to cut the cake and dance!

The party was going from the time the dance floor opened to the time the reception ended. Young and old, everybody danced and had a great time!

After a beautiful day, Josh and Lilly said goodbye to the crowd and headed off to start their life together.

Joshua and Elianne, it was our pleasure and joy to photograph your wedding day. We wish you all the best as husband and wife!