Buffalo Baby Photography

Mike and Ella's Maternity Session at Tifft Nature Preserve

After a couple of cancellations due to stormy weather, and with Ella's due date quickly approaching, we were so glad things finally worked out for Mike and Ella's maternity shoot at Tifft Nature Preserve!

If there were only word to summarize this maternity session, it would be simply: lovely. Ella definitely had the glow of a happy mom-to-be (not to mention the cutest baby bump), and you could tell how enamored Mike was with his Ella and his little one on the way!


Not sure what is more adorable here - Ella's eyes or her freckles. Love it!


Mike made sure we didn't wrap up the shoot before he had a chance to strut his super-hero moves. Now Mike gets to be a super dad! :)


MIke and Ella - we are so glad we had the chance to document this momentous milestone with you two. And we are overjoyed at the safe and healthy arrival of baby Nolan! We hope we get a chance to see you all again very soon!

Announcing Spring Mini Sessions!

Buffalo Family Photography by Ascension Visionary Concepts

Spring is a great time for family photos! So we're excited to announce our Spring Mini Sessions!! June 5 & 8 only!! 

Great for families, little ones, babies, and Seniors! Session includes:

30 minutes with photographer, (1) 11x 14 print, (2) 5x7 prints, (3) beautifully edited digital images-- all for $150! Refer to the ad for additional details or call for more information.

Space is limited! Call now to reserve space for your family! (716) 697-3083 or email us at connect@avisionaryconcept.com

Baby Chase's Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session

From the time of Colleen and Jon's maternity session, we were eagerly looking forward to baby Chase's newborn session! So on a sunny Spring afternoon, we finally had the joy of photographing a lifestyle family portrait session with newborn baby Chase and his family.  

It was our pleasure to be some of the first folks to welcome baby Chase into the world! We met him comfy and cozy at home with his family, gently settling into a nap...the perfect opportunity to get some sleepy shots!


After a few sleepy poses, baby Chase woke up just long enough to smile and show off his gorgeous eyes.


After a few shots with the family, mommy was able to coax him back to sleep. These next few frames are just adorable, from head to toe! :)


Thanks for a lovely shoot, little Chase--you and your family! We can't wait to meet you again this summer to see how you've grown!


Colleen & Jon's In-Studio Maternity Portrait Session

When Colleen called to schedule her maternity shoot, we were just experiencing the start of what would turn out to be one of the coldest, snowiest, windiest winters in decades! So of course, we opted for an in-studio maternity session to keep her, Jon, baby--and us--warm and cozy.

While maternity portraits are really all about mommy's baby bump, we absolutely love photographing couples together, so we were really glad to have dad in session with us as well.


We can tell by the shoes that this is going to be one sharp-dressed little baby boy!


Jon and Colleen, congratulations on your new baby-boy-to-be, and thanks for letting us be a part of his welcoming committee! We are really looking forward to meeting him and photographing your family together during his first year!

Leila Ann - 7 months old!

Once again, we were happy to have Miss Leila Ann back in our studio for more of her first year portraits! She is just growing so quickly, and getting cuter every time we see her! Love that smile - and those little toes!


Leila Ann, it was a joy to have you, as always! Can't wait to see you again in a few months!