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Little Miss Leila Ann's One-Year-Old Baby Portrait Session

It is so exciting for us to be able to capture baby's first year in photographs! That's one of the reasons we were so happy to be reunited with Little Miss Leila Ann as she turned one year old--that and the fact that she is just takes cuteness to a new level! From newborn baby to holding herself up to sitting up like a big girl, it has been a joy to photograph all of the phases of her new life!

We thought it was appropriate to mark this one-year milestone with a few shots in a grown-up chair. (That coupled with the fact that she took off like a rocket every time we sat her on the floor!) She sat so prettily for us, like a big girl!

Buffalo Baby Photography
Buffalo Baby Photography

We just couldn't end the shoot without a photograph in that cute monkey hat! :)

We had a great time as always with you, Leila Ann! We certainly hope this is not the last time we get to see you and your family!