Adventures in Asia: Part II - Exploring Northeast China

As is typical these days, time moves faster than we can handle it. So here we find ourselves well into the new year, deep into this Buffalo winter, and miles away from the continent of our latest adventure--and yet, through pictures, as close to it as if it were yesterday.

In Part One of our series, we blogged about our experiences traveling in Japan and Korea. Now, in Part Two, our adventure lands us in China.  Everywhere we turned, we found ourselves lingering at the intersection of the ancient and the new. This post focuses on Beijing and all of its many interesting sights--The Hutongs, Houhai Park, The Summer Palace, The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and of course The Great Wall. To no surprise, the local people we encountered along the way were just as interested in us as we were interested in them.

One of the most impressive things about Northern China is its parks. We found a favorite at the Summer Palace, where historical structures dot a scenic landscape of trees and waterways.  

Our legs got a great workout at our visit to the Forbidden City, where the bold red color of China stood out most boldly. There is something so amazing about walking along the same corridors that ancient emperors walked.

By far, the most surreal experience was our visit to the Great Wall of China. Even the approach through the mountains presented sights that were unbelievably beautiful. As impressive as are these structural feats of mankind, they are trumped by the irreplicable surrounding beauty of nature.

As beautiful as all this is, we have a bit more to share from our adventures in China, in our third and final post...coming soon. So thanks for journeying with us - and check back for more!