Victoria & Nate: Buffalo Engagement Session

The best thing about telling visual love stories is that no two are the same. No two clients are exactly alike, no two personalities, no two interactions, no two perspectives. But one thing is for sure:  When the chemistry is there, it will always make one undeniably great story.

So it goes with Victoria and Nate. We met them for their shoot just outside of Pearl Street Grill and Brewery in Downtown Buffalo. And from the start, it was obvious that their chemistry would photograph well from every angle. Victoria and Nate’s story began at Docside bar in North Tonawanda. As Victoria tells it, everyone knows everyone in “NT,” so when Nathan met Victoria, he already knew she was dating an old friend of his. But when that relationship went south, Nathan made his move, and the rest is history.

Victoria says: “We started dating and he was full speed ahead, like a freight train!  We were dating a couple of weeks and as a grown man he said, ‘Will you go out with me?’ (Like we were in high school.) What does that mean? You wanna go somewhere? ‘No seriously, will you be my girlfriend?’ I had to give him a chance.” Looks like a chance was all he needed. 

Victoria continues, “He’s the romantic. He’s over-the-top excited, all over the place! I’m more laid back, so there’s a balance there. He drives me crazy, but you meet someone and, as corny as it sounds, you just know.”

Nope – it doesn’t sound corny to us at all. Maybe that makes us corny, but we’re OK with that. :) After spending a little time downtown on Pearl Street, we made our way to Woodlawn Beach, detouring first at Gallagher Beach for a few shots. Victoria and Nate’s first date was at The Wellington Pub.

She says: “Our first date, he was a gentleman…he opened the car door for me.” She laughs as she remembers it was both the first and last time he did that :) So when Nate proposed, he took her back to that same place, to the same table where they first sat. His daughter Emma was with them. “She asked me to turn around and close my eyes, so I did, and it was a huge surprise!”

The whole time Victoria is telling us about Nate and how he proposed, her entire expression is lit up. We managed to catch that same expression again in one of the shots below, when Nate stood just behind the camera (it’s obvious which shot).

She says:  “He’s one of the last good guys on earth.” Victoria tells us, if she had it her way, she would have eloped. “But when I talked about eloping, his father almost cried…I’ve never been one on being married, having kids. But it’s important to him.”

Nate had her ring custom-made. Yeah Victoria, seems like you’re pretty important to him. Victoria and Nate, we had an amazing time with the two of you! Thanks for choosing us to capture your love story! We can’t wait to tell more of it at your Niawanda Park Clubhouse wedding next year!