Erin & AJ's Becker Farms/Vizcarra Vineyards Wedding

From the time we met Erin and AJ last year, we had a feeling their wedding day at Becker Farms/Vizcarra Vineyards would be phenomenal. In actuality, it turned out even better than we expected. It was truly an amazing celebration uniting two great people and two great families.

We started the day by meeting Erin at the Lockport Inn and Suites, all smiles, getting ready for the big day that was finally here! Erin was barely in her dress before the waterworks started. Everyone agreed that the false eyelashes didn't stand a chance of staying on this day -- and so they had to go! Meanwhile, AJ and his crew were dressed and ready to head out to Becker Farms/Vizcarra Vineyards. But not before we snagged a few stellar images of these gentlemen, all decked out in suspenders and bowties. Back in Erin's room, with both sets of parents looking on, we were excited to present Erin her guest signature book and surprise print wrap gift. Soon after, the waterworks were back! (Good thing she ditched those eyelashes earlier!) We took a few more shots with the girls, then headed out to catch the limo over to the wedding at Becker Farms/Vizcarra Vineyards. While the guests were all in eager anticipation of Erin's walk down the aisle, no one was more engaged than AJ, as he watched his beautiful bride walk towards him in her father's arms. We love how dad gave big hugs to both Erin and AJ when giving her away! Our favorite moment of the ceremony was when AJ gave his vows. When asked if he took Erin to be his wife, he belted out, "I DOOOOOOOOOOO!" It was a great moment! The vineyards made a perfect setting for photographing this good-looking couple--almost too perfect! We had a hard time narrowing down our favorites...but then, that's a good problem to have. Erin and AJ, you two look so AWESOME! In the midst of taking these pictures, a wedding guest walked up to AJ and handed him a chicken. Well, it is called Becker Farms for a reason. The chickens roam freely and are not people (or camera) shy. This fellow made a cameo appearance for us :) And now, time for the party to begin! Erin and AJ thought it would be cool to have their guests hula-hoop for a kiss. Well, AJ's dad not only hula'd, but he showed a little leg as well! Apparently it worked! The Maid of Honor (Erin's sister Colleen) and the Best Man (AJ's brother Bob) both gave speeches. Colleen's speech reflected her sincere approval of AJ (after mentioning that she thoroughly checked him out online and her search came up clean). Bob concurred--Erin is a perfect fit for his brother and their family. You could just see how much they all mean to each other - beautiful! So after all the mushy speeches, it was time to dance! Erin and AJ wowed everyone with a choreographed dance to "Let's Stay Together." What a great way to start off the dancing for the night! We would be remiss if we did not mention the amazing musicians who got the party started...Greg Skulicz, Evan Kaderbeck, and The Buffalo 5 with Fountainhead Originals. They really rocked it out! No party is complete without a little 'Wobble' - even Mom got in on the action, with a little help from Erin :) And just in case the party was not exciting enough, near the end of the reception, someone (whose identity will remain secret) released two bags full of glow sticks. What a great party! Erin and AJ, congratulations on your wedding! We were honored to be a part of your most special day, and so glad to get to know you as people. We wish you all the best! You ROCK!