Little Miss Phoebe

We were really excited to have our first little "watch-me-grow" client, Baby Phoebe, back for a second shoot this year! She was such a joy to capture as a newborn, and having her back now a few months older was phenomenal. It's amazing to see how much she's grown!

It was very important to Phoebe's grandma to capture a few shots of her at 8 months old, since this is the age she had her children, and now her grandchildren, photographed. So glad they came back to us! How cute are these images?This "little sister" must surely get everything she wants!You have to love playtime with Miss Bear. We had a feeling all along that Phoebe was a princess, but now we have proof!We were happy Mom joined in the photo fun this time. We love the shot of them together.

Baby Phoebe, thanks for another great shoot! Can't wait to see you and your family again in the fall!