Kim & Brandonn: Hersheypark Engagement Session

As it turns out, our first engagement session of the year had us traveling a few hundred miles away to a very exciting destination--Hersheypark PA! This was a first for us, but not for our friend Brandonn. He had been to the park enough to know that it was exactly where he wanted to take Kim for their engagement session. And we were totally ON BOARD!

We started our adventure at Chocolate World, where Kim and Brandonn spent some time perusing the merchandise and trying on a few items.

Kim's nails were painted orange and purple--for the colors of their wedding. As we strolled, Brandonn sneaked in a few kisses and showed us some juggling moves...

Something in that glass case caught Kim's eye...and Brandonn was happy to oblige. As the kind lady behind the counter pulled out the tray of candied apples, Kim picked out just the perfect one.

Kim didn't seem to mind that we borrowed their candied apple for a ring shot. As the story goes, Brandonn designed the ring for Kim and when it was being made, he replaced two of the diamonds with sapphires, and presented the diamonds separately to Kim as stud earrings…We should mention all of this was part of his grand proposal, which also included 12 dozen roses (one for each month they had dated), a day of dining, spa pampering, multiple gifts, and to top it off, dinner at a banquet hall where 60 of their friends and family looked on as he asked her to marry him. (Something tells us he's head over heels for you, Kim.)

Finally we were off to the park. The first thing after presenting admission tickets, Brandonn and Kim headed directly to the penny press. Apparently they have quite a collection of pressed coins. It did crank out a pretty cool little Hersheypark character dude.

We stopped for a moment just to take in the park. Love the color of these air balloon rides. And is that a walking Hershey bar? Yum!

Our next stop was the carousel. It was great to see Kim and Brandonn relax and (try to) forget we were anywhere around.

Love these next few shots of Kim and Brandonn.

Now on to some games!! Brandonn was on a mission to find a way to win his girl a prize. A few ball tosses and a whack-a-mole later, he was successful!

We couldn't help but stop at this lovely park within the park for a few portraits.

As Brandonn stepped away to pick up some funnel cake, we had to ask Kim her story. She is actually a pretty resilient young woman, having already faced many a crisis in her life and come out stronger and more determined than ever. She says she wasn't expecting Brandonn, but when they met, he always made her laugh. And if she had to be with anyone, it was going to be with someone who made her laugh! Well Brandonn certainly delivers in that department.

We were headed for a few more shots on the other side of the park, but just then the rain started, so Brandonn and Kim "settled" instead on a last kiss in the rain.

Kim, Brandonn, we had an amazing time with you at Hersheypark! You two are a lot of fun! We can't wait for the wedding!