Erin & AJ: Engagement Session

After heavy rain washed out our first date, we were excited to catch a break the second time around for Erin and AJ's engagement session. To be honest, we were looking forward to their shoot from the time we met them and heard their story--when we discovered they were an adventurous and nature-loving couple. When Spring finally rolled around, we recommended Stiglmeier Park as the perfect location to photograph them. Having never been there themselves, they trusted us on this one, and when we arrived, it all came together beautifully.
When asked how the two met, Erin and AJ told us it was through a mutual friend at work. They started taking breaks together, and instantly they were not a day apart...until a year later when AJ went away on vacation with his family. "I said, 'you're leaving me??' It was weird!" Erin says. "When he went away, and came back, I could have been playing Whitney Houston's 'I want to run to you!'" The two have been together ever since.

From the bridge, we spotted the perfect location for a romantic afternoon picnic.

AJ brought along a blanket he acquired on a Texas excursion. He said it came with a matching hat (the day he got it, his friends dubbed him Texas Pete). Too bad for us, we missed out on seeing the entire get-up. :)

We always enjoy a great proposal story. When AJ proposed, they were on their second road trip to the West Coast. They had been on the road for almost three weeks, through the Red Woods, had passed a secluded beach and stopped to watch the sunset. She was doing yoga stretches, he was reading a book. She says, "We start packing up the car...I'm grabbing stuff, books, blankets, and he says, 'Put the blankets down!' I tell him I got it!" After his insistence that she put the blankets down, she turns around, and he's right behind her on his knee...

AJ says, "I didn't have a ring...I wasn't planning it, but the place was just amazing...She's kind of girl that wouldn't say no because I didn't have a ring." How awesome is that??

To get their full engagement story, check out their wedding page.

During the proposal story, Erin admitted that she's not "in" to fancy jewelry, and actually wanted a ring made from a stone, not a diamond. But later finding out that stone would erode, they decided on a custom-made green sapphire ring. "The Jeweler started drawing, and I said, I love it! It's got a sapphire in the middle and two diamonds of my mom's." Beautiful!

Their proposal story really resonated with us, being that we are from the West Coast ourselves. We know it's hard to top that Pacific Ocean view, but we have to admit the light off the water was painting a gorgeous canvas for this creekside picnic.

When asked about Erin, AJ told us he dated other girls, but it was different with her. "We'd sit in the driveway til the sun came out, just talking for hours...I never got any sleep! She's everything I could ask for, and a great cook too!"

After looking at the water for the longest, Erin mentioned something about creek walking. "Would that be OK...?" Would that be OK??!! We love it!

After the creek walk, we headed a little further up the trails and picked a nice overlook to catch a few more intimate portraits. We love the interaction these two have -- AJ knows just what to say to bring out the laughter.

We wrapped up our shoot near the boardwalk, snapping a couple shots of Erin and AJ with their message boards...Erin and AJ, we had an absolutely amazing time with you two and cannot wait for your Becker Farms wedding this summer!