The Brown Family: Yates Park/Green Lake Portrait Session

When their Mom & Dad (Jeff & Patsy) reached a milestone anniversary of 35 years, Phil & Stephanie wondered, what could be the best gift they could give to two people who have everything they need? They decided on a family portrait session that their parents always wanted but never had. What a beautiful idea! You can imagine our enthusiasm to accommodate such a loving gift.

These folks picked a location close to home and heart -- Yates Park (Green Lake) in Orchard Park. After a couple of reschedules due to dicey weather, the rain stopped and the clouds parted just enough for us to have a fun and memorable shoot. We were all very thrilled about that!

We started our shoot at the foot of Green Lake, and fell totally in love with this family's interaction. The pride and joy of this family is definitely little Miss Emma--who, for now anyway, holds the title of the sole grandchild. She was brave enough to venture off with one of us (Deanne) just a few feet away from her family to play a little bit in the park. We started at the swing she knows very well -- the one she and her Grandma Patsy have frequently shared. Then we played with leaves and collected a few fascinating acorns. So much fun! Meanwhile, the other half (Tim) captured a few more photographs of the grown-ups before reuniting the family again for some shots near the reservoir. The fall leaves on this day beautifully accented their family bond! Thanks Browns--we had such a great time photographing your family! We were honored that you chose us to commemorate your family milestone - we certainly hope it's just the beginning of many more!