Daneen & Nate Engagement Session

Timing is everything...

Nate and Daneen have known each other for years, but it was not until 2010 when reuniting at a friends' party that they realized the start of something better. As Nate would tell it, when he saw Daneen there giving him that 'Jasmine look' (reference here to the fluttering eyelashes of the love interest in the movie Aladdin), he figured it was more than coincidental that he was there at that party. They exchanged numbers, and everything fell in line. It was the right place at the right time.

We were so excited to hear their story and now to relate a bit of it visually.

We started our shoot with Daneen and Nate on a beautiful, sunny summer day near Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park.

Daneen says she thinks of Nate as her security, her comfort, in this crazy world..."I just want to squeeze him!"

Daneen suspected a proposal was in the making, but just didn't know when. She says, "He kept me in such anticipation!" Nate says he just wanted to be sure, so it was MONTHS of dressing up, going out. "I had to get it right, so she wouldn’t suspect it." In the end, he pulled off a stellar surprise proposal.

Daneen says, "When he went to pull out this box, it was a slow motion moment for me. I saw the box, and started crying. He got down on his knee, and I started sobbing. Before he asked, I hugged him!"

Te Gustas, Daneen? :)

Nate told us "I knew I loved her three months in..." Your affection for each other is obvious. We love it!

The sunset was perfect - we couldn't have asked for a better way to end our day with Nate and Daneen. We feel like we have not just gained new clients but great friends!

Nate and Daneen - we had SOOO much fun with the two of you! It really was our privilege! Can't wait for the wedding! :)