Nick & Yolanda Engagement Session

Spring is here, and love is in the air! So how thrilled we were to have a sunny Spring afternoon to spend shooting Nick and Yolanda's engagement session. The two of them are really good friends, and their love and respect for each other was evident. We headed toward the riverside to capture some shots along the water, and found that the pedestrian bridge was actually an interesting backdrop to start their story.

Nick knows how to bring out the smile on Yolanda's face, and he finds her laughter contagious...

Love this shot of Yolanda!

OK, so Spring in Buffalo does not always mean warm...we all agreed it was a good time for a quick warmup at Spot Coffee. Nick and Yolanda put on their super big grins for this window shot...

We decided afterwards it would be great to catch the sunset at LaSalle Park. It's always nice to have someone to sit next to you and keep you warm, huh Nick?

Nick and Yolanda, thanks for being adventurous with us! We can't wait to continue the love story at the wedding!