Tommy & Mel: E-Session

You can run from love, but you can't hide. That's the case with Thomas (aka Tommy) and Melonie (aka Mel)--two friends who have known each other for years. They gave it a go, put it on pause, gave it some time, then picked up right where they left off.

Isn't it beautiful to realize that you are already smack-dab where you belong?

We had the awesome experience of shooting with Tommy and Mel in and around downtown Rochester, New York in late summer. We started our shoot at Capron Street Lofts overlooking the Genesee River and the Rochester skyline.

The light and the cityscape came together as the perfect backdrop for Mel and Tommy, creating some of our favorite images. It goes without saying though that the sun only partially accounted for the glow on these faces... After a few more rooftop shots, we headed outside by way of the loft's brick hallway. (It must have been 90 degrees in that hall with no air but Tommy and Mel were good sports through it all.)

Just as the sun was setting, Tommy suggested we head over to Genesee Gateway Park for a few more shots by the water. Great idea, Tommy! Oh and yes, Tim did climb a tree for a couple of these shots. "Whatever it takes..."

We'll end at East and Franklin...Tommy and Mel, thanks for making our shots look so good. We had an amazing time with you. If you look this good now, just imagine how amazing you'll look on your wedding day!